Mould Removal Means Fresh Home for Sale

Selling or buying a Home? Do you know if there is any mould in your home? Chances are that you will have cleaned off any visible mould but what about the bacteria you cannot see? Your home may well have the mould bacteria in development stages or indeed, under cupboards and

carpets, in the sub floor or maybe in the internal part of your walls or above the ceiling. Mould can, and will, grow anywhere and if you can't see it, you may not even know it is there because you can't smell it until it becomes excessive. For reasons such as those, it would be a great move to call in the professionals that can give you the best Bacteria Removal service. This will not only remove mould from your home, it will bring an instant fresheness to the home which will be noticed immediately by potential buyers.

Give Water Damage Service a call for the best Bacteria Swab Test and finish up with a Certificate of Clearance. Our Qualified mould Technicians are licensed and fully insured to assess the amount of water damage sustained and take actions to resolve any mould problem you might have. Our professionals will take extra care that the mould does not spread and that the chemicals used for removal are 100% safe.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention recognizes the danger to our health that mould can present and recommends getting large areas of mould cleaned by a professional to ensure the mould is completely removed and does not return. Queensland Health has a very informative fact sheet on dealing with mould after a flood. Remember, do not view the

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