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Whenever a flood water emergency develops whether in your home or business, it is imperative to get the floors dried as soon as possible. Water damaged carpets, floors, skirting s and walls will deteriorate rapidly and the longer it is left wet, the severity of the damage will continue to increase.

DO NOT DELAY. Call in the professionals straight away and get the water extracted with high powered, truck mounted wet vacuum machines (we also have portables for high rises).

Once we have removed as much water as possible from your carpets, underlay and floors, we will then set up the drying process using heated floor mats, air movers (driers) and dehumidifiers. Much of the carpet cleaning process will be completed when we are extracting water and carpets should only require a sanitising process to leave the air fresh.

Water Damaged Carpets Q & A
Got a question? Here are some of the most common questions and answers regarding wet carpets and flood damage;

Q: I have wet carpet from a burst pipe in the ensuite and the water has run out into the main bedroom. Will it be okay if I mopped it up with towels and left the ceiling fan running?

A: No. You may get the surface of the carpet almost dry but the underlay and sub-floor will remain wet. That will then encourage mould growth. You really need to have as much water extracted as possible and then operate specially designed  air movers for up to 24hrs to totally dry carpets and floors.

Q: After being away for 2 weeks, I have just discovered that my hot water cylinder has been leaking and the carpet right down the hall wall is absolutely soaked underneath. Will air dryers or dehumidifiers work and get the carpet dry?

A: Yes, using commercial air movers with dehumidifiers will work but first you need to have the flood water extracted from your wet carpets and wet floors by a licensed technician. The skirting boards and walls will also need to have a moisture test to ensure they are not wet inside the wall cavity.

Q: During last nights heavy rain I have woken this morning to find a steady water leak in the ceiling that has soaked my couch with a dirty water that has left it wet and stained a light yellow colour. The expensive floor rug has also suffered some of the same water damage. Do you clean and dry water damaged upholstery? And do you also clean and dry water damaged rugs?

A: Yes. We do upholstery cleaning and drying and we also do specialist rug cleaning. Your couch will need to first have the water extracted and then cleaned, disinfected and the have a ‘browning treatment’ applied to ensure there will be no water marks. For your rug, we will need to take that to our store to clean rack dried to ensure it doesn’t lose any of the fibre integrity.

Q: My carpets are extremely wet after my new bathroom sprung a leak while I was at work. Will you need to lift up the wet carpet to check and see if water has gone through my carpet and underlay to the concrete floor?

A: Yes. Apart from light flooding mishaps, in most of the more serious floods we do check the underlay and concrete, and leave air dryers underneath the wet carpet to dry underlay and concrete. Generally we can lift up one or two corners and get the warm air circulating with saves us having to lift up the whole carpet.

Q: Do you actually do carpet restoration after drying it?

A: Yes. Our equipment allows us to restore your carpets back to a better condition than they were before they got flooded by doing carpet water extraction, cleaning, disinfecting and restoration all in the same visit.

Q: How long have you been doing carpet water restoration?

A: We commenced in 2002 after previously being in the industry for 6 years training with one of Australia’s leading water restoration companies. Our entire team is professionally trained and licensed in their specialist fields. We are well versed in both residential carpet restoration and commercial properties.

Q: What is involved for wet carpet water damage restoration?

A: Most water damage situations require the same process which is; 1) relocate furniture to gain clear access to the floors, 2) water extraction, 3) checking underlay and sub-floors for dampness, 4) setting up air movers and dehumidifiers on site if needed, 5) applying browning treatment to sop any colour runs, 6) apply a final steam clean, 7) in more serious projects, we may then need to restore the carpet by relaying and re-stretching.

Q: Do you do electronic moisture tests on walls and floors?

A: Yes. We have state of the art moisture readers that will accurately measure moisture levels in the structure of your home or office. Once we have evaluated the level of moisture, we will then advise what the best process would be to have them dried in the quickest possible time.

Q: If our wet carpets are so bad that the underlay has been damaged, do you replace that if it is necessary to do so?

A: Yes. Depending on room size, we can generally use one of our trained team members to attend to that, but if it is more complex such as many corners, large room, stairs etc, we will use our carpet laying sub-contractor.

Q: If required, are you able to lift our wet carpets, remove them from the premise and take care of the disposal?

A: Yes. If the carpet is beyond saving and it proves more economical to replace, we can dispose of it together with the underlay.

If you suffer any water damage, it is imperative that you get it remedied quickly. And it is crucial that you DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.


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