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If you are experiencing the unfortunate situation of being a victim of flood water carpet damage in the Gold Coast region do not despair, we can help you right now. But you need to act now because the longer you leave your carpets wet, the wetter your floors get and also the bottom of your walls.

Regardless of whether it is what could be considered a small amount of water or if you have returned from holiday to find your tap has had a fault and has been running constantly for a few days, wet carpets and floors need fast action to extract all the water to minimise the extent of the damage.

Why do you need to call a licensed water restoration technician?

When we discover that water has flooded our home or office the first reaction of us all is to mop up the water and even use our good towels to soak it up. That is a good idea to at least do something but the DIY approach is simply not going to cut it.

Why? Read this list of events that occur with any flooding in the home;

  • Wet carpets
  • Wet underlay
  • Wet floors
  • Wet skirting boards
  • Wet wall bases
  • Wet inner walls
  • Wet curtains
  • Wet furnishings

And if the affected areas are not dried and restored correctly you end up with;

  • Mould (visual and under carpets)
  • Damaged underlay
  • Gradual rotting of floor boards
  • Gradual rotting of skirtings
  • Gradual break down of the lower wallboards
  • Ongoing damp odours
  • Increasing health hazards to your family

To ensure that all flood water is extracted, your carpets are dried, your underlay is dried, your floors are died and your walls are dried, you need the correct equipment together with the knowledge on what to do.

In 99% of water damage cases, the home insurance covers the damage bill. We work with all insurance companies and can talk directly with them to ensure a quick response to get your home dried out.

If you suffer any water damage, it is imperative that you get it remedied quickly. And it is crucial that you DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.


Plus professional advice on what steps you need to take first

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