Rug Cleaning and Rug Drying

Generally, rugs require a specialist cleaning and drying process. The composition of rugs is varied and often more fragile than carpets. They are also very sensitive to cleaning chemicals.

You are strongly urged not to do a DIY clean on your rugs. Apart from the high risk of fibre damage, discolouration or stains, the rug can easily lose its shape while you are trying to dry it.

We offer a specialist service for rug cleaning with full knowledge and experience in knowing what cleaning agent is safe for which fibre but still taking the time to do a spot test first. Once cleaned, we hang dry them on specially designed drying racks which allow the hot air from the blowers to filter through the racks at an even and consistent heat.

As part of our service and to ensure rugs are not damaged by incorrect transportation, we will pick up the rug/s from your home or business and return them once cleaned and completely dried.

Your rugs will not dry well on the line

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