Why is Water Damage Restoration so Important?

After a wet disaster such as a flood or burst pipes, moisture will affect substructures such as plaster,drywall, wood, concrete and carpet. Mould is of course a primary concern, but there may be other problems related to water damage – crumbling drywall and plaster, rusting metal surfaces, weakening supports, electrical faults and more.

Warnings for Hidden Mould

Mould is a harmful bacteria that has the capability to make us extremely ill and in some cases, causes death. Never be complacent about the presence of mold. It is a bacteria and it can and will cause severe long term harm to your health. If you discover mould in your home or premises, act fast and call the professionals.

Mould Removal Means Fresh Home for Sale

Selling or buying a Home? Do you know if there is any mould in your home? Chances are that you will have cleaned off any visible mould but what about the bacteria you cannot see? Your home may well have the mould bacteria in development stages or indeed, under cupboards and

Bacteria & Mould Removal

Generally, with any water or flood damage, you often get a mould or bacterial problem which is very dangerous to the health of the entire family. This needs to be your first priority to have it removed as soon as possible. In many cases, people

10 Tips to Save Flooded Carpets

  1. First and foremost, act immediately! Mould bacteria will start to develop in wet areas in less than 72 hours
  2. Remove as much water as you can with a specialised vacuum cleaner – but only if the flood water was clean.

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